Why Nōmina

Nōmina Wellness prides itself on the highly experienced team of professionals who have a diverse range of clinical excellence from various settings. All of our counsellors are master’s level practitioners, who are highly skilled in working with more treatment-resistant and complex disorders. 

Our location allows us to maximize the healing landscape to offer world-class programs such as the exclusive development of adventure therapy. Nomina also has clinical expertise in various therapeutic trauma approaches such as ISTDP, EMDR and cognitive modalities such as CBT, DBT, and ACT. With these, Nōmina is able to deliver a comprehensive approach to healing not found elsewhere in other treatment programs. 

Working with the Healing Centered Engagement (HCE) model, Nōmina recognizes the importance of someone’s supports and community engagement as part of the healing process.  We respect that the effects of various trauma do not happen in isolation, and that healing is not linear. As such, we make proactive strides to include a person’s support system as part of the integrated healing process. This is different than other models, which will seek to isolate a specific, or targeted problem for treatment, which could lead to missing underlying causes, and may contribute to poor treatment outcomes.

Nōmina works with patients to promote interdependence as part of a collective engagement, which is carried on after the initial treatment stay. By encouraging cultural and social awareness, Nōmina focuses on the strengths each person has, that they can bring back to their collective, thus promoting the betterment of the community and self-driven change.